Saturday, February 12, 2011

our week...

Unfortunately we are sick around these parts :( jakson is wheezing, which is causing him to cough, which is causing him to throw up...lovely. So he is on an antibiotic and breathing treatments. I have a yucky cold/sinus/water eyes issue.
BUT despite the sickness we had a VERY productive day. josh and i cleaned out and ORGANIZED our entire garage. we loaded the attic up with Christmas decor and other nicknacks we won't be needing for a while, and organized all of our bins of boy clothes and all of the other junk we have! it looks SO good and now we can park my car AnD his jeep in the garage!

then josh headed down to Atlanta for monster jam and left his sicklings behind.

after eating, playing and bath time jakson passed out hard. i got to finish laundry. yes that is right, laundry baskets are EMPTY and all laundry is put away. Wow does that feel good bc it never happens!

now i will catch you up on our week while my nails dry and i sit in bed :)

what a week it has been. josh was out of town for most of it, so jaks and i went to stay with my parents since we had something to do down their way everyday. it was a wonderful but busy week!

Sunday was the SUPER BOWL! we had a fun party at my parents house with LOTS and LOTS of food and family :)

Wednesday we went to the Childrens Museum of Atlanta with a couple of Jakson's friends that we hadn't seen in a long time. we had an awesome time...i will blog on that later in the week.

Thursday was a play date and then daddy came home!

I will leave you with some pictures from our super bowl party...
Picnik collage
Jakson- 14 months, henry-25 weeks

Picnik collage
my friend Ashleigh taught me how to do this adorable applique technique..i love it!

the boys with "produce pop"

jakson eating an apple

Tinsley Mae showing off her smiles :)

my twin and her hubs.

come on can smile!

sisters and our momma!

ster and sis

granddaddy's wheelchair was the hit of the night. the kids love going for rides :)

I hope that i will be better by tomorrow bc i am supposed to have a hot valentine's date tomorrow ;) i love it when josh surprises me and makes plans all by himself. i am one blessed girl!

have a wonderful Valentine's Day!
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