Tuesday, February 15, 2011

cRaFt daY :]

This morning after breakfast the little man and i got out to run some errands. we headed to the old Hob Lob to look for a simple wreath that i could snaz up a bit with some inspiration from a few wreaths i have seen recently. i have a wreath hanger on my front door with no wreath hanging on it...and i have all of these fabric and ribbon flowers that i had made but no where to put them. i always look for a wreath like this but never find it so today i searched the WHOLE store. and what do you know?! i found them...hiding in the corner i never look at :) imagine that!

after a quick trip to walmart we headed home so Jaks could nap and so i could get a little crafty.

i also made these sweater flowers that i had been wanting to make with Josh's sweaters that he was throwing out.

i think they turned out SUPER cute!

Here is my finished product. i am happy with it and now i finally have a fun front door :)

i will leave you with a picture of my sweet little valentine reading his new favorite book:)

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Matthew, Ashley, Jr. Colton and Tinsley Hutson said...

great job!!! teach me how to make those flower...too cute!

Laina said...

Buff that is adorable! i want a fun wreath like that for my door!!

mommytomason said...

Jaks looks like a 3 year old in that picture! STOP GROWING SO FAST!!!

Ashleigh said...

LOVE IT!! so cute! You're teaching our next sewing night!!

A-town said...

now that is cute and i miss you like woah!

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