Friday, April 22, 2011

lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Yesterday we got to go to the zoo with mimi and jakson's cousins. the kids had a blast and so did all of the momma's :) i love that jakson is so close with his cousins. my sister in law tonya is due any day now and we tried to do enough walking to make her go into labor but no luck :( here is a little picture overload from the zoo.

Henry update ~
i went in today for my 35 weeks appt.

Blood pressure-- high :( boooo. this is exactly when it started going up during my pregnancy with jakson. she said i will probably have to start coming in twice a week and i'm not on bed rest but was told to tell the hubby that he has to help me out as much as he can with the little guy and around the house.

Henry's positioning-- she thought he was transverse again but after getting his heart rate and feeling around at where she thinks his body is, she thinks that he is positioned all funky just like jakson was positioned. head down, with his feet sticking straight out. next week they will most likely do an ultrasound to make sure of this but i hope she is right!

my sleep has been horrible recently. i feel like i have pregnancy insomnia. i will be SO tired but just can't sleep. she suggested i take tylonol PM before heading to bed so we will see how that works out. i am hoping for some sleep since VERY soon i wiill be VERY sleep deprived.

Here is a little comparison of my two pregnancies...

35 weeks along with Jakson...

35 weeks along with Henry...

i can't believe the countdown is now at 31 days..ahhhhhh :)
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Jessica Summers said...

Can't wait to take K bug to the zoo! Looks like you guys had a great time & you look awesome! GET SOME SLEEP, MOMMA!! :) I hate that you aren't able to sleep-hope things work out with the Tylenol!

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