Friday, April 8, 2011

Our sweet little Jakson Man :)

so at this point i am pretty much counting down the days until Henry arrives.(46 days). i can't wait to finally meet him, kiss him and hold his precious little body in my arms.

but i can tell you that i am getting a little sad that jakson will no longer be our one and only. don't get me wrong, i know he is going to love having a little brother to play with and beat up on but it is a known fact that there will be two little men in my life taking all of my attention.
josh and i are really enjoying this sweet time with our first born. last night we took a ride in the jeep around town and i know jakson just loved the one on one time with us. i try and take him to a park a few times a week where just him and i can bond and have fun. i am pretty sure he has no clue what is coming for him. but i know with all of my heart that he is going to love his little bro, Henry Tate:)

alright, that is all for now. i gotta get ready for some pretty awesome guests coming tonight to help me with Henry's room. i can. not. WAIT to get that done and enjoy this sweet time with some amazing friends. have a wonderful weekend. i will post on the room next week!

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Laina said...

I love this post, so sweet and those pictures are adorable!! i can't wait to meet little henry either! See you in a few hours! Love you :)

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