Monday, August 9, 2010

our weekend

Friday night I dropped Jakson off at my parents house and went to pick up my hubby. We had gotten a hotel in buckhead and were off for a date night. It was SO much fun.

We ate at the lobster bar and ate so much food that we were hurting when we left. It was a fun fun date night. I love my husband and I am so excited to spend the rest of my life with this man!

The next morning we walked to breakfast at the Flying Biscuit and then hung out at the gorgeous pool until it was time to check out. It was SO much fun and we are really going to try and do this a few times a year. It was like taking a one night vacation :)

After we checked out I went and got Jakson and hung out at my parents house and their neighbors pool for a little bit, while Josh went home and did yard work. The next day we went to Josh's parents house. Jakson had a full weekend of grandparents and of course he loved every second of it! He is such a loved little boy :)

Happy Monday, here are a couple pictures of my happy boy this morning :)We are hanging out around the house today waiting for our new phones to be delivered. I feel like a little kid on Christmas morning...i can't wait to play with it!


Shelli Ryan said...

Something about staying a hotel makes you feel so carefree! Maybe it's knowing you don't have to clean it up! Glad you had a fun weekend!

Laina said...

how fun!! love the dress! where is it from?

Chrissi said...

you look great and i am so happy for you to have had your date night & hhs....bahaha!


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