Tuesday, August 17, 2010

wowzers, my baby is 9 months!

Seriously, I can't believe that my precious baby boy is 9 months old.

He has been sick for the past week. Teething/sore throat/roseola= one pitiful baby Jakson :( Despite the sore gums, 102 degree fever, sore throat and rash he is still manages to keep a smile on his face. One thing i secretly love about it though is how SNUGGLY he is with me. I will just pick him up and he buries his head in my neck. UGH- i. love. it. i was rocking him the other day and he was curled up on my chest and his feet came down to my knees. my baby is SO big. it brought me back to when he was a newborn and would curl up like that and he was so tee-nince-ee. like mommy's favorite book says, "i'll love you forever, i'll like you for always, as long as i'm living, my baby you'll be."
So anyways, that was my emotional rant for the day :)

Here is what you are up to at 9 months...

You are still in size 3 diapers.

clothes are anywhere from 9 months to 12 months.

you take an average of 4 bottles a day.

at your sick visit last week you were 20 lbs

you have 2 teeth that are stinkin' adorable. Makes that handsome smile even handsome-er :)

now that you are teething you are waking up at 1am or 4am or BOTH of those times. I will try and rock you back to sleep but even if you fall back asleep you will wake up when i lay you back down. so you win everytime and get a bottle and go back to sleep.

you have learned to clap and put your hand over your mouth to sound like an indian :) it's awesome!

you are still working on the wave :)

you LOVE food. you will eat anything, seriously. you love turkey spaghetti, tacos, chicken, all veggies and all fruit. and we can just forget pureed foods. you are so over those. you like to make a mess and feed yourself.

you are obsessed with dogs. any dog. you will follow them everywhere.

you say maaaaaa-ma now. it is so cute. you don't just say regular mama. you say maaaaaaaaaa-ma. hahaha it is awesome. and i think daddy is a little jealous ;)

you have found the stairs and love to try and crawl up them.

you pull up to standing.

you are starting to walk more flat footed now and can walk fast.

you are PERFECT. for real.

mommy and daddy just LOVE YOU and fall even more in love with you everyday. your sweet smile is contagious. you have had so many strangers tell you that they needed that smile and it just made their day. it makes your mommy so proud :) you are amazing. thanks for being YOU!


Chrissi said...

these are great pictures! love you guys...he is so good for the camera :))) love, sis

Lauren said...

I Love You Forever is my absolute most FAVORITE book ever!!!! Geoffrey used to read it to me my freshman year of college haha... its a long but funny story ;) Jakson is ADORABLE buff! Allison said she was going to see you guys this week and I was jealous she got to see that cutie! Hope all is well!


Jane said...

hope you are getting better… sore throat is not a lot of fun its just uncomfortable and difficult to swallow.

usually, i would take the Nim Jiom Cough Syrup (www.geocities.jp/ninjiom_hong_kong/index_e.htm ) which has a thick consistency formulation. it coats the throat and includes herbs that are particularly good for that application.

i hope it works on you as well.

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