Tuesday, September 7, 2010

i'm baaaack!

Phew, it sure is hard to find the time to blog when your little one is everywhere and into everything. The house is completely baby-proofed now. He pulls up on everything and goes furniture surfing. He loves to clean off the coffee table and bookshelves...he is getting SO BIG!! His personality is coming out like CRAZY! He is going to keep his momma busy, I can tell you that much. Still, he is such a happy baby. I swear he is constantly smiling...unless he is hungry :) I LOVE MY BABY!!

And yes, I know I still need to blog about Hawaii. I will try and get that done this week. It was an awesome trip :)

This past weekend was a fun but busy weekend in our family!

Friday Jakson had his 9 (1/2) month appointment. He did SO great of course :)
weight- 20.3 lbs(50%), height- 29 3/4in(90%), head- 18 1/2 in(90%)
Everyone who asks how old he is will always make a comment about how big he is for 9 months. I just kind of chuckle and say well not really. Now i know why, it is because he is so tall. He has always been in the 90% for height. Basketball player maybe?!

Friday was also my older sister's birthday--she is 27!! I just love her so much and can't believe she is getting married in 3 weeks! She is one of my best friends and ALWAYS there for me!! We went to my parents house friday night for a game night. It was sooo much fun. I love my family and loved celebrating my sister!

Saturday Jakson and I went to Raquel's birthday party. She is the little girl I used to babysit before I had Jakson. After the party I stopped by Carter's and found Jakson's first birthday party outfit! His party is train theme and I have been searching for a cute train outfit and I found the perfect one--plus it was on SALE! Even better. I also found his halloween costume, he is going to be a dragon :) I was super excited to get all of that done! Saturday night we went grocery shopping for Josh's cookout the next day and went to a new mexican restaraunt in downtown cartersville. It was DELICIOUS and jakson destroyed a cheese, bean and chicken quesadilla. He LOVES mexican food and we LOVE that because so do we :)

Sunday was Josh's birthday!

I LOVE my husband with all of my heart. He is so perfect for me. He is such a hardworker and would do anything for me and Jakson. He is truly my other half. I love being with him.

He is an AMAZING father and an AMAZING husband. He makes me laugh and always keeps a smile on my face. And he is soooo stinkin' handsome! I am a blessed lady. For his birthday we had a cookout. He had some friends over and some of my family. The food was delicious and it was SO much fun. I wish I would have taken more pictures but here is what I have.

Jakson heading to bed...

Yesterday we were SUUUUPER lazy.

We eventually went to the park later that day but that was all we did ALL day. Seriously, but it was much needed!
*Side Note--Now whenever I eat Jakson chases me until I give him whatever I am eating. so here are some pictures I took of him eating my apple that he really wanted :)

Monday was also my niece's 3rd Birthday!

Natalie is so adorable. She has the sweetest personality. She is GORGEOUS and I have just loved watching her grow up. I love living so close to my niece and nephews and getting to see them all of the time. Natalie loves her "baby gakson". (that would be her baby jakson, i love how she says his name!)


Jordan said...

LOL. I LOVE Josh's candle on his cake.

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