Monday, September 20, 2010

new blog title.

Not sure if you noticed but I took on a new blog title. I have been trying to think of one because Burfitt Beginnings was just too boring for me. plus, we won't be in the 'beginning' stage forever :)

The new blog title-- Choosing happiness, comes from my father. My dad has always been so strong and positive in life. No matter what struggles my family was dealing with, my dad remained stong. There was a period in my life that my dad was unemployed. Every morning during that time my dad would get up and cook us all breakfast. YUM. he would make the most DELICIOUS bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. To this day I still can't get mine as delicious as his. Anyways, he would make us breakfast and then drive us to the top of the driveway in his little green two door Honda, and we would wait for the bus together. and EVERY morning he would tell us,

"happiness is a choice. choose happiness."

Now at that point in my life we would just roll our eyes and say, "ok dad." You know, we were too cool for that.
But i am SO grateful for the phrase that my dad embedded in my mind. To this day, if I start to get down about something, I will think of this phrase. It is so true and I hope that all of you will love this phrase as much as my sisters and I have.

Happiness IS a choice. Choose happiness :)


Chrissi said...

daily. i think of this daily :)
thanks dad, you're the best!

ps, yummmmmm-o on the sammy, and i wish i had one right now!!

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