Monday, September 27, 2010

my big sister is marrrried!!

i can't believe it. all 5 of us gernatt kiddos are now married. this weekend my big sister chrissi got married. she is now chrissi lyons and her and her husband are celebrating that fact in Mexico!

The wedding went on without a flaw! It was a BEAUTIFUL weekend. she was a gorgeous bride. the ceremony was so nice and the reception was a PARTY and a celebration for sure!! yummy food, drinks, loud music, LOTS of dancing, and GLOW STICKS(those were the perfect touch). Then we sent them off with bubbles and hugs!

I am so happy for you sister, and i will be praying for you and bobby as yall start on this new journey together!!

sisters and best friends :)

Jakson did so great this weekend. he was loved on by SO many, dressed like a handsome man at the wedding and barely ever got a nap in but he was a champ! He partied with us at the reception until about 9:45 when he went home with the stewart family for the night! he loved the glowsticks and the loud music. i love this boy!!


Jordan said...

Hi Five Mom! So cute! Glad you guys had an awesome time! (how could you not?!?!? lol)

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