Friday, September 17, 2010

Hawaii, only a month late :)

I will just start off by saying that my phrase all week was, "that looks fake." You always see pictures of Hawaii but never really see it. It is just amazing. We went to Kauai, which is not as commercialized as the other islands. It was just simply amazing. When we landed you could see the waves crashing along side of rocks and cliffs...just beautiful.

So anyways back to the trip. Jaks did great on the way there with the traveling. We had two layovers and the longest flight was 6 hours. He was a trooper for sure. We got in about 7:30 HI time, 1:30 GA time. Josh rented us a convertible. We decided to make the splurge since we were in Hawaii. (Sidenote-- if you are under 25 it is an extra 27 dollars a DAY to rent a car in Hawaii. oh and did i mention that josh was turning 25 the next week!!! talk about frustrating--oh well :)) After we got our car we headed to the hotel. It was a beautiful hotel and we had gotten an oceanfront room. BEAUTIFUL!! They were out of baby beds...super :) We put jakson in between us but the poor guy just couldn't get comfy. He likes to snuggle in the corner of his crib, so he had a rough night. He was up EVERY hour on the dot. fun, hah.

We got up that morning and watched the sunrise since we had been up all night. it was so BEAUTIFUL! We hung out by the ocean. This hotel was awesome.

The beach was not populated and just beautiful. We went across the street and ate some banana pancakes-- YUMMMMM!Then we headed out. We went and did some sight seeing that afternoon before we could check into the resort. We saw the spouting horn.

That was pretty cool. Then we got all checked into the hotel and relaxed that evening.

Day 2 consisted going to the grocery store...which pretty much took all early afternoon. Then right when we got back some of the group went out on a catamaran for a sunset dinner "cruise". Not the type of cruise we expected. We motored out along the Napali Coast. We saw beautiful cliffs, caves, beaches, mountains, valleys and dolphins! By the time we got to our destination, there were about 5 people hanging over the railings sea sick :( Thankfully, I was not one of them! They then put the sail up and we ate and enjoyed the gorgeous views and got to see the sunset as we were on our way back in to the dock. Here are some of the pictures from the sunset cruise.

Day 3- We got up and enjoyed the pool for a little while. The pool was awesome at the resort. It had sand all around it so Jaks LOVED it!

Then some of the group went on a Zodiac boat tour that afternoon. We also got to go along the Napali Coast like we did the day before but this time we were in these awesome zodiac boats that went super fast and drove right into waves and we got soaking wet. What an adventure that was :) We had a blast. We got to drive up into all of the caves that we had seen the day before. We also got to eat lunch on the beautiful coast and then enjoy some snorkeling. Our tour guide spotted a monk seal, which he said are now endangered, so that that really cool to see that. That tour lasted pretty much all day but was so awesome. We got to see the dolphins more up close and personal than the day before, too. We didn't get any pictures from this trip bc we weren't able to bring our cameras. They would have gotten wet and I didn't want to take that risk!

Day 4- We We headed out for lunch at the Canyon on the island. It was about an hours drive but totally worth it. It was a beautiful canyon. We didn't get to see all of the views since it was a little cloudy in spots but it was so pretty!

We headed back to the hotel after and enjoyed a little bit of pool time before getting ready for dinner.

Day 5- We were off to the beach :) We drove up to the north shore beaches after breakfast.

We spent the afternoon at this beautiful beach and then got some yummy fish tacos afterwards. That night we went to a Luau, which was so fun. Yummy food and fun entertainment, what a great night :)

Day 6- The ladies went to make Leis after breakfast. This was super fun and they turned out so pretty :)

Then it was a free day. So Josh and I took Jakson to the pool in the morning. Then we went to lunch with the other "kids" on the trip...then back to the pool for a little but more sun.

Day 7- Josh and I took Jakson to the pool all morning. Then we took him to the beach that afternoon. The beaches in Hawaii are beautiful to see but kids couldn't really swim in most of them so that limited our beach time a little bit since Jakson loves the water.

Sunday was our travel day.

I don't really want to talk about it. hah, it was rough to say the least. The face above explains how the return travel went. poor guy, but what do you expect with a 9 month old on a 7 hour flight. but we made it home :) haha.

All in all, Hawaii was AMAZING!!


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