Friday, August 13, 2010

poor boogy!

For the past couple of days Jakson just hasn't been himself. Two days ago he was running a little fever, fussy, lethargic and kept making this odd noise. He woke up this morning and felt like a furnace, his temp was 100.4, so i called the dr.

I brought him in and his temp had already gone up to 102.4. We figured out the culprit. It wasn't teething, it was his throat :( poor guy. Strep came back negative so doc said it was throat virus. So it is Motrin/tylonol and rest for the weekend. yaaayyy, not.
Josh has agents that he is with all weekend so we won't see him unti Sunday morning.

What to do, what to do...

Here are a few pictures I took of jakson today, you wouldn't guess he has a temperature of 102.

i LOVE this boy. Nothing gets him in a bad mood. I wouldn't even know he was sick if it wasn't for the heat radiating off of his body!


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