Thursday, August 5, 2010

recent pictures that make me smile :)

Jakson brings so much joy into my life. You seriously can't help but smile when he gives you that sweet grin or laughs with his adorable cackle. This post is full of some recent pictures of Jakson that just make me laugh. i LOVE this boy!

His cousins LOVE him! and now that he is crawling he is always trying to be right in on the action :)

my little shark. i didn't realize the hood had a shark fin on it until i put it on him at the beach :) cutuuutie!

These might just be my favorite, haha.

i love this kiddo.


crazy frank :)

jakson follows the pup's all over the house...

yup, he loves them.

Jakson showing off to Miles all of his new tricks :) I can't wait for these boys to play together!

Jakson's eight month photo shoot...

..he was super happy

I even got him pulling up for the FIRST TIME on camera!

ok, ok...he has had enough. ha. poor guy.


Laina said...

So stinkin cute!!! i miss y'all, even these pics are making my eggs jump :) please come visit soon!

Chrissi said...

love these ster....tanklin looks adorable. oh, jaks does too ;) he is adorable! bl & i say he needs to model! xo

Shelli Ryan said...

Thanks for the comment on my ultrasound pics!!! Jackson is so adorable!!! I just love those goggles and leg warmers! What a fun little man!

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