Tuesday, January 4, 2011

20 weeks and other tid~bits...

i can't believe that i am halfway through this pregnancy...in 5 months (or less) Henry will join our family--> cRaZy!!

here is my 20 week picture--

How far along? 20 weeks!

Total weight gain/loss? 5 lbs

Maternity clothes? i am either wearing my jeggings, leggings, maternity jeans or my belly band with my old jeans. no maternity shirts yet but some of my shirts just don't fit me anymore so i might try some out soon...

Stretch marks? nope

Sleep? weird dreams but besides that it's great!

Best moment last week? finding out that we are having a boy and josh feeling HIM move!

Movement? Yes, especially at night. I can feel him AND you can see and feel him moving from the outside. i LOVE it!

Food cravings? ugh, everything unhealthy...fast food, hot sauce, jalepenos, banana peppers, sweet tea...what is wrong with me?!?

Gender? it's a BOY, Henry Tate Burfitt :)

Labor signs? nope

Belly button in/out? in

What I miss: sleeping on my belly, running, and a glass of red wine

What I am looking forward to: getting his room started but not emptying out the guest room :( I have no clue where everything in the guest room is going to go.

Milestones: henry is the length of a banana!

Other recent happenings that I just haven't had the time to blog about..
jaks with his cousin at the "baby henry announcement brunch" (his shirt is the first thing i made on my new sewing machine!)

sweet boy LOVES showing off his 6 teeth :)

we celebrated Christmas with my family(i will try and blog on this asap!)

on sunday we went on a beautiful, but chilly, hike with my boys

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday,

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Laina said...

um when i get preggers i seriously hope i am as skinny as you! love the pics and the tie shirt is adorable!!!

A-town said...

ditto to laina. You're the prettiest pregnant lady I know. AND the tie does look awesome!

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