Friday, January 7, 2011

the weekend is HeRe :)

i am SO glad that the weekend is finally here. i am ready for a weekend with both of my boys(and the teeny one in the belly)

Poor jaks got a stomach bug yesterday. the throwing up started about 1 and ended at about 8 last night :( poor little boog. he went to the dr this morning and was totally over it.
(sweet boy waiting on the doctor)

of course, the dr told me AgAiN, "you are one blessed mom. he is always so happy and has such a good temperment no matter how sick he is." then as he was walking out the door he mentions..."you probably won't get this lucky with the next one"...Oh i hope he is wrong. come on Henry...don't let me down ;)

So the only real plan we have this weekend is to go and get our SPICY CHICKEN BISCUITS at the chick. Those of you that know me, know that henry is probaby going to come out asking for Chick-fil-a. i eat there AT LEAST once or twice a week :/. so i am pretty pumped about our reservations i pregnant or what?!?!


i have to brag on my hubby for a second. my great friend Alaina sent me some ideas for working on my living room. she sent me an awesome blog on how to make this Painter’s Ladder Shelf and Josh did it! I LOVE it. he is so handy and loves wood working. i told him he needs to sell these. all i did was paint it :) i think it looks awesome in our living room and is a great start for giving it a new feel. THANKS BABE!!

the start...

the finish product. so proud of my handy man.

hope you all have a wonderful weekend,

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Laina said...

1. we have reservations as well for the spicy chicken sandwich! awesome. and 2. the shelf looks awesome!! you and josh and some skilzz!

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