Friday, January 21, 2011

yipee, it is FRIDAY :)

today jaks got a little sleepy while browsing through our favorite store, Target :)
i was looking through the sale racks and noticed that jakson was passing out. i mean, face hitting the front of the cart. poor guy couldn't keep his eyes open! I took him out and held him so he could sleep and walked to the checkout. poor guy, he never does that.

sleepy man as soon as he got in the carseat :)

i am SO enjoying this one on one time with my little guy since that will soon change when we add Henry to the mix.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend :)

did i mention that this prego is going to be walk/jogging/waddling a 5K tomorrow morning. ahhhh, this should be entertaining! i am hoping to finish in 45 minutes. hahah, that is only 20 minutes more than my normal pace.

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