Wednesday, January 5, 2011

slowly learning this whole mom thing...

before we had jakson one of my biggest fears was when i had to start actually disciplining him. i knew it wouldn't be fun and it was just such an unknown to me. i know there have been times when i would watch other moms and think...geez, do something...or shut that kid up. and i knew it would give me such a new perspective when i was actually the mom in the situation. and oh boy, does it.

my happy little boy is seriously a sweety pie. but boy can he throw a temper tantrum when he doesn't get his way, bite his momma just because, or test you after you have told him "no" FIVE times already as he does it just one more time.

ohhh sweet jakson man...I LOVE HIM! he is my bundle of energy :)

To show his sweet side though, he is constantly being pointed out by strangers as being such a happy boy. yup, that smile barely ever leaves his face, and i LOVE it!
funny story to embarass him one day--

last night i was up in his room getting him ready for bed. i had taken his diaper off and was grabbing the new one to put on him when he decided to roll himself over and squat and pee like a little puppy. bahaha, i couldn't help but laugh. he was quite proud of himself. crazy boy :) don't worry, that one is already in the baby book!

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Kimberly Callozzo said...

I've heard boys are tough! You're doin great! I can only imagine. :)

Laina said...

haha :) seriously jaks should be a model for babygap or something he is so adorable! i'm just waiting for you to figure out all the mommy stuff so you can teach me then i'll start popping them out :) jk, love you girl, i know you are the best mom ever!

Chrissi said...

what a cutie! that story is hilarious & i gladly volunteer to tell it at his rehearsal dinner ;)

ps-just voted for you


Kim said...

Hi, I blog stalk to...haha! Since you admitted you did it as well, I thought I might as well leave you a comment. I found your blog through Summer's blog, I went to college with Summer and your brother Josh. I have a little one, Davis, that is 21 months old and a little girl on the way, so we have a lot in common. I was just reading about your goals for 2011. We started the envelope system about two years ago....I was not happy about it, but after about 6 months I decided it wasn't so bad. I really do like it and it has also helped us prioritize and put the important things first. I never realized how much junk I bought and spent our money on until we started I really think about what I buy unstead of just buying it. I actually feel lke we have more money now than we did before....even thought we don't. We also just started stashing away our one dollar bills. Anytime we get ones back we put them in a box and we are saving them to do something fun when we have enough and they add up so quick! I cannot find time to coupon I have tried it but with being a mom and working it is too much! And I was also going to ask you how did you change your headings and add your signature to your looks so cute....I am ready to spruce up our blog a little bit. Our blog is: I enjoy reading your blog and I voted for you. :)

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