Tuesday, October 18, 2011

dining room- before and after

A couple of months ago we finally sold our dining room set. It was a huge table with 8 chairs and a china cabinet. It was beautiful but totally not our style. It was shiny and elegant...and that's not us. We are rustic and imperfect kind of people :) Especially with our crazy little man. keeping something scratch free and perfect was impossible!

So we put it up on craigslist. A couple of people came to look at it that weren't serious buyers...ANNOYING. {if you know you aren't going to buy something from someone on craigslist don't waste their time coming to look at it. i now know why people always write serious buyers only on their ads!}

Thankfully the third guy that came to look at it was serious. He pulled up with a U-haul truck and two guys to help him load it! I did a happy dance when they pulled up at our house! They hauled it off and josh gave me the cash and told me that it was my budget for the new set.

Needless to say I couldn't find exactly what i wanted for the price that i wanted it~ so frustrating! For over a month josh and i ate dinner at jakson's mini table while jakson sat in the highchair.

i finally found the table of my dreams at a store in marietta. i went to look at it and it was perfect.

The next day josh and my dad picked her up and brought her home :) 

So now i was on the hunt for chairs. I headed to goodwill bright and early monday morning and found 4 of these lovely little things...
In great condition and super easy to recover and at 13 bucks a chair, you can't beat that!

So this past weekend my hubby worked so hard on our new dining room. He was up until 2am friday, saturday and sunday night working on our dining room. gosh, i love that man! He painted, hung up our awesome oars and recovered our chairs! All of his hard work paid off because it looks like a brand new room!

Dining room before--

We didn't get a picture of the room with the orange curtains and table. so here is a picture that shows the room before the new table and color (please ignore our mess and my huge belly)

the paint color before...

love my table!
{our pictures in the dining room are of canoes so we hung up some awesome old oars that the hubs had lying around}

New wall color, new blinds and no more curtains!

i love my new table :) can't wait for the bench to go on one side!
chairs that the hubs recovered.

i love it!
We still have a few things left to do--

-josh is going to build a bench for one side of the table and we will put the chairs on the other side. (the table is 8ft so we will have plenty of guest space)

-we have a hutch that is chillin in the garage for now waiting to be refinished! whenever we find the time to do that we will. we are just too stinking busy for that right now so it will have to wait.

But it looks like after he makes the bench i should come out perfectly on budget, wohooo!

Let me know what you think!


Laina said...

this looks incredible! i love it, i think you should hang those orange curtains back up :)

Aubrey said...

LOVE what you guys have done! It's beautiful! So...when are you coming to work on my house?! ;)

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