Sunday, October 16, 2011

what the burfitts are up to these days!

Life at the Burfitt house has been crazy busy but oh so fun :) 

The hubby and i have been training for the savannah half marathon and it is just a few weeks away. We are SO ready for it to be here. Training can be really hard with 4 month old and a wild [almost] 2 year old. But i have loved our training team. josh pushes the double jogger and the boys just chill. Henry usually sleeps and jakson points out trees, dogs, the moon and "airpanes"! The weekend of the race we are staying in a house  on Tybee with 7 other couples{my family and some friends} and no kids! It will be my longest time away from the boys so i am a little nervous but really excited. i know it will be good to get in some adult time and we are going to have a blast! Plus, i am just ready to get this half over with now! Josh and I are hoping to beat my time from my last half marathon. We shall see :) 

Of course we have some house projects going on at the moment. Once our kitchen was finished we decided to start working on the dining room. We sold the old furniture and got an awesome new table and i scored some goodwill chairs that we are going to reupholster. Josh painted the dining room and we are taking out the curtains and putting in blinds. i can't wait to get it all done. It looks like a totally different room! 

Henry finally went into his room this past week. Josh was out of town until thursday so i let him sleep with me until he came home. Thursday night Henry went up in his own bed. It was a long night for me but he has had a little bit of improvement every night since then and last night I didn't get up to feed him at all. He woke up a couple of times but thankfully he quickly went back to sleep on his own. So there is hope!! i am hoping that it only gets better from here.

Here are some recent pictures of our latest adventures :)
this boy loves having fun with his daddy.

mr. handsome after preschool.

mr. smiley
 We took the boys to a pumpkin patch for Jr's birthday...
at the pumpkin patch with my little guys.

henry tate and his cowboy boots.

Pop loves his boys.

 my wild one.

Happy birthday Jr!
i will post on henry's room, the kitchen and the dining room ASAP...promise! 

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