Thursday, October 6, 2011

Yummy in my tummy

so ever since i was introduced to pinterest i haven't even opened a cookbook. we simply search on pinterest when we want to find something new. the hubbs is worse than me...he loves searching pinterest for recipes and pinning them so i will make them. we are quite the team :)

{and speaking of cooking...that brings me to the kitchen. i still have to do a blog post on our new kitchen. it is totally done and is AWESOME!! thanks to my man and his bff jason for working so hard on it :) i promise i will post on that soon}

so without further ado, here are our favorite recipes thanks to pinterest...enjoy :)

Sour cream chicken..EASY and so creamy and delicious. i was a little skeptical about this dish with the sour cream on it since hubbs isn't a fan. well he LOVED it!

chocolate chip banana bread muffins. SOOOOOO SOOOOO yum!!

chewy chocolate chip cookies- they were perfect :)

baked fries. a major score with the hubbs and jakson

homemade blueberry pancakes. these were SO good!!

chocolate molten cake (need i say more) TRY THIS!

lemon chicken pasta (we make this every couple of weeks now)

kale chips. the perfect substitute for fattening lays!

mini cinnamon rolls. easy, cute and delish!

spinach and chicken bake. i enjoyed this more than josh. it is kind of garlicy and he is not really a fan of anything garlic.

my sister made these cookies and they were yummy and EASY!

TWO ingredients for these pumpkin muffins. i made a cream cheese frosting to go on them...soooo good!

i hope you make these and love them as much as we do :)
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Pinkalicious Mommy said...

OMG!! I am starving now!!!! lolempan

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