Tuesday, October 25, 2011

down by the river on a sunday night

Sunday night josh and i decided to go down to the river to take some pictures of our little cuties.

Apparently, the gnats had plans to hang out by the river too. i got some cute pictures but you can see the swarms of gnats in most of them, o well. 

it was still fun and we got some good shots, enjoy!

this little heartbreaker is going to be trouble  
can't believe he is almost 2!! 
i absolutely love this picture of josh and henry tate 
happy, happy boy!! 
brotherly love. 

my sweet henry 
ohh jakson, he is our wild man! 
see the gnats above our heads?!

MY boys. they make me so happy!!
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Laina said...

i love these pics, so cute! i hope i can see you soon i miss y'all:( You look gorgeous as always!!

A-town said...

I love all the flies! It captures GA (:

Brookie9184 said...

1. I love your blog
2. You and your family belong in a magazine - beautiful
3. I love that you put the captions UNDER your pictures (where they belong) - so many blogs I read have them above the pictures and it confuses me!
4. That is all :)

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