Wednesday, June 2, 2010

6 month well check

Jakson had his 6 month check up today(Really ends up being 6 1/2 month). He did SO great! Dr. Dixon had nothing but WoNdErFuL things to say about him :) He smiled and laughed the entire time and of course flirted with all of the nurses. He weighed 17.1 lbs (50%), height is 27 in(75%), and head is 18in(90%)--but that is brains of course!

Shots went great. He cried for about 5 seconds and then I held him and he quit. He was totally normal the entire day! My little champ didn't even need tylonol!

Jakson is so funny bc he is turning into this adorable little flirt. He has this new thing where when someone talks all sweet to him he leans his head into my neck and bats his sweet little eyes, i LOVE it! Aghh, he is developing SUCH a personality and it makes me so happy.

Also, today he had his first meat. We ate chicken and veggies for dinner, and so we put some chicken in the food processor for Jakson to eat with his sweet potatoes. He LOVED it and chowed it right down. So far no signs of our baby being a picky eater, YES!! :)

The other day he ate his first yo baby yogurt and loved it. haha, this boy lovessss food :)


Chrissi said...

goodness that boy is a cutie!! miss you guys tons!! xo

The Kimmels said...

Oh my! He gets cuter & cuter each time I check your blog. I think he looks SOOO much like Josh. I bet that makes one proud daddy. :)

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