Monday, June 28, 2010

a quick catch up post while baby is sleeping...

I have not been a good blogger lately, i know. But it is getting so hard now that Jakson is getting so big! It was easier when he was napping a lot and could chill in his swing. Y'all he is growing up SO fast!

Here are some updates on my little boog~

He says dada and has said momma THREE times. haha, i'm not counting or anything :)

He was scooting and rolling for the longest time. Well, last night he CRAWLED!! I couldn't believe it. he did it again this morning. Don't you worry, I got it on video this morning...I will post it later.

This morning while getting work done on my car he was smiling at me and that is when I noticed he is getting a TOOTH!! Bottom left side...a tooth is starting to poke through. I have been waiting for this with all the drooling and putting everything in his mouth that he does.

Tonight mommy and daddy are going on a date with our friends Mike and Jessica to Bluepointe, yummmmy! I am so excited. Once you have a baby it is so crazy how excited you get for time with other adults and being able to enjoy a dinner without a little one crawling all over you and begging for your constant attention. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE THAT and wouldn't change it for the world but a dinner by yourselves every now and then is very much enjoyed :) Mike and Jessica are expecting little Kaydee in September...I can't wait!!

Jakson has been on two playdates with his friends Wyatt and Mason. They are adorable together. All of us mommies are so excited for the three of them to be best friends. The three of us mommies also get along great, so it is awesome. It is so nice to get some mommy talk every now and then. I am so glad we all got connected! Thanks to facebook, hah!

Tomorrow we are meeting an old college friend and her little boy Leo for lunch. I am so excited to catch up with her and see her little boy!

I am taking Jakson to Lake Lanier Water Park this week with my sister Ashley, her boys, and some of her mommy friends and kiddos...We are so excited :)

and 18 more days until CHRISSI comes home from south africa. I think that is the correct countdown. We miss her so much. The skyping has been great but I want to hug her and really see her. :)


Jordan said...

All the moms out there know how wonderful an occasional night out is! I hope you guys have so much fun!

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