Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I am SO behind...Jakson is 7 months!

I'm sorry, but is that not the sweetest little baby butt ever! Hahah, oh my gosh I love it!!

I am way behind on Jakson's seven month update, sorry little guy!! The internet isn't working at our house right now so I am having to do this post at Mimi and Pops!

I can't believe you are already SEVEN months...boy this is flyyying by! I cherish every minute I get to hold you, rock you, kiss you and snuggle you. Oh if you could just stay my sweet little boy forever. But, I guess I will let you grow up :) Daddy and I pray for you and your future daily. We love you so much little stinker.

Here is what you are up to at seven months...

-You are in 6-9 month clothes.

-You are in size three diapers.

-You weigh about 18lbs.

-You are bottle fed now and are doing great with it!

-You still love your carseat and pass out as soon as the car starts moving.

-You look more and more like your daddy everyday.

-You are trying so hard to crawl. You scoot and roll everywhere but I know that the crawl will be here before I know it.

-You are sitting up so great! You will tumble over some but for the most part you are doing AWESOME balancing yourself!

-You aren't showing any signs of seperation anxiety...let's hope that continues. When I pick you up from nursery at church they do nothing but tell me how happy and wonderful you are...i love it!

-The only time you really fuss is when you are hungry or sleepy. You are such a happy baby!

-You LOVE the pool. I wish we belonged to one so I could take you more often but I try to get you in your baby pool in the shade in the driveway as often as I can. You love splashing around.

-You had a play date with two little boys, wyatt and mason, who are about a little over a week older than you and it was so cute! Yall were adorable. Toys were getting faught over, you were all staring and babbling, you "tasted" mason's head...haha, yes that is right. You slobbered all over the poor guys head. You boys are going to be best friends :)

I guess that is pretty much it for now. I love you sweet boy. I can't get enough of all of your sweet little rolls and chunky legs. and I am obsessed with your smile...obsessed I tell you :)


Jordan said...

I might have been stalking your blog daily.. haha. I love the first picture! I might steal that idea today! : )

Summer said...

Come to our pool anytime :-) Cute little butt picture!

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