Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy LATE father's day

I am so late on getting my post's up this week. I am having to use the internet while I am at my parents house since ours isn't working. Below this post is Jakson's 7 month post which was late too!

This was us last Father's day. little guy was growing in my belly :)

I can't believe that this year Josh became a daddy.

I have loved watching him go from husband to daddy. He is such a natural. Jakson just adores his daddy and watches his every move. I know Josh is so excited to be able to take him fishing and canoeing with him one day. From the moment we knew little "poppyseed" was in the belly Josh called him his fishing buddy. I love it. My two boys :) I love you so much Josh and you are the most amazing daddy. I can't wait to see what else the future holds.

i LOVE my daddy. I have always been daddy's little girl. i always hung with the guys. i baited my own hook, to make daddy proud. i casted my own line, to make daddy proud. i ate sardines, to make daddy proud(and that is no joke, haha)

My dad has taught me so much about life. he taught me about the Lord and his Word. he taught me how to play softball and how to play basketball. he spent SO much of his free time coaching all of his kids. yup, he loves us. That is one thing we were always sure of because he always showed us that.

And now he is a Pop and boy do his grandkids love him! Jakson already gets a big smile on his face when Pop lifts him up in the air and prepares himself for a slobber bomb :) he loves each and everyone of them and shows it in so many ways.

i love you daddy, you are the BEST :)


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