Monday, June 7, 2010

a walk and a boat ride

Josh and I were house sitting my parents house this past week while they are in Israel. Their house is right down the road from Kennesaw Mountain so we decided to go for a walk one night. The mountain road was already closed so we had to walk around the mountain. The weather was perfect. Jakson really loves walks because he loves watching the trees and clouds go by..

Ash and Matthew invited us to go out on their boat saturday evening. They picked up Subway and we ate on the boat. This was Jakson's first boat ride, outside of the belly(he went on plenty inside the belly and loved them, of course)He wasn't a huge fan of the lifevest at first, poor guy.

Once the boat started moving he was fine...

Colton and his daddy driving the boat

Our cutie in his lifevest..

i LOVE those squishy legs..

Daddy and his boy

This is what Jakson did while his cousins swam in the lake


Laura said...

He has gotten so big! Such a cutie!

Jordan said...

So cute! I love his face in the picture with Josh holding him.. "help me mom, please!" lol

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