Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Little Jakson man at 14 months!

I did a monthly update for jakson up to 1 year but haven't done one since then! So here are some things that our crazy little booger is up to at 14 months...
He weighs around 23 lbs.

He is always running around like a crazy man looking for something to get in to a new adventure :)
Yup, he loves getting into the diaper bag and my wallet

His vocabulary consists of hey, "bah bah"~bye-bye, ma ma, da da, mimi, "pah"~pop, "bay bay"~baby, "dah"~dog(his favorite), "hah"~hot, no. --i might be missing some but i think i got it all.

He has 6 teeth.

He has started touching my belly and saying "bay bay". of course he really has no clue what he is doing but still...it is so cute and melts my heart everytime :)

He is such a creeper, haha. he stares at everyone he sees. some people love it but some people get awkward...it is very funny.

He loves to put on daddy's hats and run around the house.

He loves to pull all of the toilet paper off of the roll and go through every trashcan that he can get his little hands on.

He LOVES the dogs. he hits pets them and says "dah"(dog) all of the time.

He LOVES phones. if he sees a phone, he just has to have it! He will pitch a fit until he gets his way. josh got me an otter box for my iphone so it is more protected now!

He still likes the car and his carseat, thank goodness. we drive way too much so we would both be miserable if he didn't like it!


He is a biter...unfortuately. We are trying to break him of this but it is just him right now. operation vinegar has begun, we will see if it works since popping his mouth doesn't seem to do a thing :/

He likes to test us. when we say "no", he has to try it just one more time. oh how i love that little stinker. then he make this face when he knows you are serious...

He loves his play group. We have started a play group with some women from my bible study and their kids. it is so nice to chat with other mommies who share similar interests and let jakson run and around and get some energy out! We both get a lot out of that time.

He likes to eat crayons color.

He loves to be held. gives me quite the arm workout during the day.


He loves the vacuum cleaner. He chases it and loves it when i chase him with it!

His eating is changing a little bit. He has started to hate broccoli and mac and cheese?! crazy kid! He also isn't quite the eater he used to be. Sometimes he will eat a lot and sometimes he just wants a couple of bites.

Eating out is almost impossible these days. All he wants to do is eat a few bites and then get down to run around. makes for very short restaurant visits.

He will be getting his first haircut this week. the rat tail has got to go :)
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Laina said...

o my goodness buff that pic of him crying, so precious! can't believe your gonna have two running around in a few months!

A-town said...

cutest kid I know. Can you please take a video of him using on your phone

Jordan said...

I'm glad im not the only one who is still dressing their kid in halloween pjs!

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