Monday, March 28, 2011

diaper shower

This weekend my sweet sisters, sis-in-law and momma threw Tonya and I a diaper shower. They did such a great job. The decor was adorable and the food was so delicious :)

I am so, SO blessed with an amazing family and wonderful friends. I got a some really cute blankets, burp cloths and shirts for Henry AND 1500 diapers, wohoooo!!

That is going to help us out SO much! I can't wait to see how long all of those diapers last us. Thanks again to my family and friends who were able to make it to the shower. I am one blessed girl :)

Tonya and I and the two of us with the hostesses!
some of my wonderful friends and family at the shower
..sorry chrissi...i had to :)

After the shower I hung out with a friend who wasn't able to make it to the shower. We went to the avenue and grabbed some Yogli Mogli afterwards :) While at the avenue we went into the gap and searched the sale racks. I learned that i am going to have a problem matching my boys! It was so fun getting matching shirts and pants...i have to make up for not having a girl yet, haha-- sorry boys!

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Mrs.305 said...

This is totally random but the photo you have posted 3rd down on the left...The lady in the middle is cousin Julie and it shocked me when I saw it I havnt seen her in a while. I just thought it was neat.

A-town said...


Brookie9184 said...

Shut UP, I LOVE that picture of Chrissi! She needs to make that her FB profile pic :) Ha ha!!!

Jessica Summers said...

YAY for diaper showers...did I mention I need to have one here soon? For Kaydee, not a new one, lol! :)

Wish we could have gotten pics together, :( maybe next time! :)


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