Tuesday, March 8, 2011

my sleepy boys.

i caught my boys snoozing last night and i just had to snap a picture :) one of josh's favorite things is putting jakson to bed. it is just him and his boy and he loves it and i love that he loves it. he is an awesome daddy :)

oops, woke daddy up. i love this picture!

i am pretty pumped about my new pillows that i made. they brighten up the living room...

we worked around the house this past weekend. i am SO ready to get Henry's room done. We have just been so busy recently but i am hoping by next month it will be close to getting done. i am going to start stressing soon if we don't! I will keep you updated. my oh so talented friend, alaina, is going to be helping us. I can't wait because she has some awesome ideas. it is gong to be so perfect :)

p.s-- my flickr account is now full for good :( it says i have to upgrade..is this true or does anyone have any suggestions about where to put my pictures?!

thanks and i hope you all have a great Tuesday,
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Jordan said...

I just had to upgrade too. You can try photobucket, but I wasn't a fan of it :) can't wait to see what you do with the dresser!!!

Laina said...

Love those pillows! where did you find that fabric? Can't wait to get started on the room!!

The Burfitt's said...

yah, jordan i am so excited to get started on it :) it is so perfect!!

thanks laina, hob lob...of course :)
i can't wait either!!

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