Tuesday, March 15, 2011

jakson at 16 months

This time in his life is so fun. He is learning so much and completely turning into a little boy. He is a little fire cracker and that is a fact. He is wild and full of energy but still my sweet little man :)

Here is what you are up to at 16 months...

your vocab-- mama, dada, "dah"- dog, "bah"- ball, hey, "bah, bah"-bye bye, "yea"-- a current favorite of yours, "pah"- pop, mimi, baby or bobby, and you have said sis once :)
you always sound like you say other words too. we are pretty much in shock after you say some things. you are really trying to talk and it is so fun to listen to you!

you LOVE playing with balls. you throw them, kick them, roll them. sports are in your near future!

dancing-at 15 months you were doing the shoulder shrug. now you basically run in place and get all excited. you love fun and fast music.

teeth- still 4 on top, two on bottom. BUT you are currently teething. you chew on everything you can get in your mouth. the two next to your middle bottom ones are finally coming in..yay!

sleep- you take one afternoon nap now. anywhere from 2-3 hours. going to bed about 8:30 or 9. not sleeping too great since you are teething. there's a lot of 3 am bonding time with you momma :) but henry is keeping her up at night so it all works out pretty well!
food- your appetite is so random. one day you will eat a ton and the next day you will spit everything out.

drink- pop introduced you to chocolate milk at 15 months and now it is just a special bond you two share :) you love it and he loves to give it to you! you drink about 3 sippys of milk and a couple of 1/2 & 1/2 juice and water sippys.

you think it is fun to gag yourself...this is weird to me!

you love to play with belly buttons. especially mommy's crazy looking one right now.

you are obsessed with your pop. it doesn't matter who is holding you. as soon as you see him you run over and lift your hands up to him.

you started giving the sweetest kisses at 15 months and now you blow kisses too :)

you love being outside. if it is a pretty day you want to be out in the yard getting dirty and playing with the dogs. we are searching for outdoor toys for you!

you love cars. daddy let you "help" him drive his truck at 15 months and now you are obsessed with all cars...including your new beloved police cozy coupe :)

you love putting mommy or daddys shoes on and walking around. you try to put your own shoes on but haven't quite gotten the hang of it.

you love bath time. especially splashing and making a huge mess!

temper tantrums...you are great at these when you don't get your way!

you are have started crying when we drop you off at nursery on sunday mornings but quickly get over it once you realize that all of your friends are in there!

when mommy or daddy tells you no, you like to say "no" right now back and come over and try to hit us. oh boy...what are we going to do with you?!?

you are ALL boy. no doubt about that! we love you booger and love watching you grow!!

Henry update--

I went in today for my 30 week appt. Looks like the booger is transverse just like jakson was until about 35 weeks. i am hoping he will flip for me. i know he still has some time though!

Bp was normal, thank goodness! Little guy sounded great :)

I pulled a back muscle yesterday :( that is no fun when you are constantly keeping up with a 16 month old. thankfully my wonderful parents were able to help me out last night. the heating pad helps it a ton. the dr said trying to rest and putting heat on it should help it get better faster.

We go back in two weeks!

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