Wednesday, March 23, 2011

our weekend, better late than never :)

This past weekend was perfect :)

here is what it involved in a nut shell --

date night(La Parilla-- The Licoln Lawyer, which was awesome-- and yogurt)thanks to my wonderful twin and her family for babysitting. riding around town in the jeep with the doors off. eating hamburgers and fries at a neat little joint downtown. painting some furniture for baby Henry's room. a nice little visit from the in-laws. eating a yummy dinner outside on the patio. the most perfect weather you could ever ask for. the playground. a wonderful time with my beautiful little family. all while feeling my sweet little boy kicking around like crazy :)

here are some of the pictures from Jakson's first ride in the jeep.


the boy loved it--daddy and jakson are going to have some fun this summer!



I hope you are all having a wonderful week.

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Rebecca said...

First off...Jakson looks like a little BOY not a baby anymore!! My how time flies!! Second, what hamburger joint did you hit up?? I love a good burger!!

bailey said...

leo still gets a weird reflex when wind hits his face he acts like he can't breathe. he can't even stand the windows in the car being down i can't imagine him in a jeep with no doors! does jakson not do that??

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