Thursday, March 3, 2011

i need help-- on the search for a double stroller!

Hello everyone! I am not even sure how many people read my blog but i really need some help so any advice you can give me would be appreciated! Josh and I are on the hunt for a new stroller to deal with a 18 mo old and a baby and then as they grow!

I think i have decided on getting a sit and stand stroller.

BUT i am not sure if I should get one like this...

it just has a bench that jakson could sit on or he could use the thing to stand on. the one thing that worries me about this is when he is tired the bench will not be comfortable.


do i go for this...

this stroller can be two seats or you can change out the seat and make it a bench that he could sit on or stand like the one above. the reviews say this one is heavier but i really think i would like having the option of being able to let him relax or not!

it also has to be one that will work with my chicco keyfit carseat.

I want to get one that we will use bc i don't want to buy one and then hate it and never use it. Any advice you can offer me would be SO appreciated!

Thanks so much,

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Keri M said...

I have one just like the second one with the two seats. You can borrow it to see if it fits your car seat or in your car! I do like it so far but have not taken off the seat and tried it with C standing. It doesn't take up more space than our regular travel system stroller but it is big. I was really surprised that it is more maneuverable than our regular stroller (also Baby Trend brand). I'll try to remember to bring it to church Sun for you to see!

Amber Hanshaw said...

I have the Joovy Caboose Sit n' Stand. I really like it, however, we did buy it when James was born and Amelia was 2 years and 3 months. Since Jackson will still be 18-19 months, the second one looks like a good option! Especially if he still naps and you are out and about all day. The kids do really like the bench seat/standing option, but it is not really possible to sleep on it.

Sara said...

I don't have personal experience, but my sister and a friend both said that a sit and stand arn't great and they ended up not using it cause the older kid can't sleep or relax. Like you said!

Carolyn said...

I suggest you take the second one, so both of them can sit and relax.
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Chrissi said...

ster, i suggest just using your red wagon for everything. saves money and stress!

;) OK, OK, i am kidding. zero experience here, but no doubt you'll pick a good one

XOXO, sis

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